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 Panetta Healing in Action 2023

There are many ways of "healing" - including Planetary Healing.... For humans to be healthy Nature and our environment also needs to be healthy.....


Panetta Healing

Some of the techniques included in

 Panetta Healing

 are linguists, meditation, colour & sound therapy, with homeopathic principles as its foundation. 


The Art of Healing is diverse and the Panetta Healing Course encourages a wide vision from the simplicity of how drawings and story-writing can help the healing process to the deeper principles found within the world of homeopathic principles.


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What has this beautiful pony got to do with (Practical) Panetta Healing?

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Opposite :

A beautiful tree in the

Waipoua Kaun Forest, North Island

of New Zealand  

Photo: Panetta student Diane, (Australia) who can be seen

in the lower right hand side of the tree


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   Scotland is the inspirational background for and we would like to share our  photographs of the truly magical countryside and animal life found in East Lothian (near Edinburgh, Scotland UK). If you would like a free copy of one of these photographs please click on the link here to go to our Contact Page and we will be happy to e-mail you one - we hope you enjoy them! 



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