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Above photo: Liz Mercer, Director of Panetta Healing with her canine companion "Daisy".  The photograph was taken in a beautiful forest in Scotland where Liz composes her healing songs - and where she draws on the inspiration of the scottish countryside. She  combines both homeopathic remedy studies - where she draws on the works from the Great Homeopathic Writers of our Age - and meditation techniques to gain deep insight into "core states" of  health issues that affect us all.
Liz  has worked for over 30 years entwining music and holistic teachings together and Panetta Healing & Wellbeing Centre is the culmination of her observations and "hands on" experience throughout these years.
As a musician working with classical guitar, voice production, recorder and piano, Liz has worked with a wide range of people and age groups ranging from 5yrs to 91yrs. She has found teaching to be a "2-way" learning programme - the "magic" of a student taking their 1st step on the path of learning a musical instrument for example can be a wonderful and enlightening experience. - both for the student - and the teacher.
Harmony of the Soul : Since the mid 1980s Liz's music career has been entwined with both environmental work and holistic medicine and for her it has been a journey of fascinating discoveries enabling her to help others find their own Healing Path by applying techniques including self-hypnosis, meditation/visualisation, along with herbal and homeopathic medicine as appropriate. Liz has worked with a wide range of people who have suffered from trauma such as abuse, poverty, bereavement, stress at work, along with the more "physical" conditions - which frequently lead back to the deeper underlying emotional disturbance creating imbalance.
Liz  composed the Panetta healing Songs & Poems from the "core states" of homeopathic remedies having recognised the Power of the Spoken Word  which, when also entwined with music, becomes a very powerful healing tool.  The Panetta Songs and Poems are written to help a person grow in awareness of where their imbalance originates and in turn creates realignment with their energy in a similar form to taking an actual homeopathic remedy.  This healing method is gentle - allowing the person to grow in awareness at their own pace - rather than at a pace dictated by external drug therapies, whether holistic or orthodox in prescription. Panetta Healing offers support while the person is using the song/poem as their healing tool.
While acknowledging the importance of a person seeking medical advice from their local doctor Liz has found that by  helping a person to "take control back" for their own lives - empowering them - their road to healing is far quicker - and far more lasting. 
Liz dedicates www.panettahealing.com   to the memory of her dear sister Sylvia  - and 2 little furry friends called.........Molly & Flossie........... 





 The environmental theme




 Photo: Liz as a child tuning into Nature                            Young birch tree



 Back in the late '80s and early '90s Liz spent most of her time entwining her love of music and holistic medicine with environmental projects and, with her music students, enjoyed fund-raising for the plight of the African elephant, mountain gorilla, whales & dolphins, rainforests.


Liz worked in close association with Ian Redmond OBE to initiate the UK branch of the Digit Fund (1989) - in memory of Dian Fossey (re. Film "Gorillas in the Mist") and her beloved mountain gorilla Digit as well as fund-raising for the African Ele-Fund, Zoo Check,  Elefriends (now part of the Born Free Foundation) and a host of other environmental organisations. 


Time has moved on since then - but the situations that created a need for highlighting awareness to these situations continue to exist today. 


Spirit of Love 

Friends' of Panetta Healing      

Juliet Nisbet & Bruce Birrell of East Lothian, Scotland UK are two like minded singer/songwriters who came together in 2008 to record  their first album "The Journey's Over". The name of the band "Spirit of Love" was inspired by the content of their songs, which are of a romantic and spiritual nature, and were all written by Juliet and Bruce. They have developed a unique style which strongly conveys the atmosphere of the content of their songs.

The title song of their first album "The Journey's Over", which was written by Juliet, has a most moving sentiment and may give comfort to those who have lost a loved one. Juliet and Bruce have been performing throughout the East of Scotland since they came together in 2008 and entertain in Nursing Homes, Hospitals and Day Centres bringing much joy to the elderly and infirm.

Panetta Healing was really pleased to have "Spirit of Love" share in the recording of the Panetta Healing Songs  (purchased only via the Maypole of Life Course)  bringing to the songs an inner depth of feeling and warmth that they  express both in their music - and their approach to life in general.

Juliet & Bruce now have their 2nd album out called "I'll be your Guide" and Liz of Panetta Healing & Greenstrings Music was delighted when Juliet & Bruce said they would record Liz's song written in 1989  "Knight of the Forest" (in memory of Chico Mendes). Juliet & Bruce wrote a further verse to this song which can be heard on their latest CD.  


Check out Juliet & Bruce's website : www.spiritoflove.biz



Bruce & Juliet of Spirit of Love












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