Panetta Healing

 welcomes you to the

David Hamilton-Smith Collection!



Liz of Panetta Healing was really thrilled when David agreed to join forces with her in the creation of the latest Panetta Healing Meditation E-Books (see Panetta E-Books page by clicking this link)   

David has a wonderful and unique talent for capturing the emotion of the subject through the lens of the camera, whether it is a person "sitting" for a photograph or a wild and tossing ocean - David manages to capture the "emotion of that moment"

-  one  photograph can speak a thousand words...........  


David takes his inspiration for his Art from the natural scenic beauty of Scotland where his Studio is based 

(East Lothian, Scotland, UK) 


We hope you enjoy viewing a selection of his work shown here and if you would like a print of any of the photographs shown or would like to enquire further about his work he can be contacted at :-

or by e.mail at :-




                       (1)   North Berwick, Scotland, UK 

                                  (2) Belhaven Bay, Scotland, UK 




  (3) Belhaven Bay, Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland UK

                  (4) Belhaven Bay, Dunbar, Scotland UK


  (5) Gullane Grasses, East Lothian, Scotland UK

        (6) Kielder Lake, Northumberland, England UK


 (7) Kielder lake, Northumberland, England UK

                     (8)  Dunbar, Scotland UK






     (9) Aberlady Bay,

     East Lothian, Scotland UK 









            David specialises in  portraits as well as landscapes!

 Photographs by David Hamilton-Smith (c.2012 all rights reserved)