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"Love is an expression of connection,

without any conditions" 

(taken from April Crawford's Book "Dear Veronica"

For all things Spiritual there is no better place to go to but www.AprilCrawford.com

 April Crawford's books are amongst Amazon's Top 50 best sellling authors. She is one of the most gifted Open Deep Trance Channels and Spiritual Mediums in our world today working with the highly evolved nonphysical entity and spirit guide Veronica - and one of the main inspirations for the creation of Panetta Healing.

For further information about April Crawford's books just click the link below:          






All life is Energy


- its how we use

 that Energy


that makes the








Raven's Call

Bird whose magic is revealing

 The hallowed mystery of healing

- smb





 The Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research

(now called Animal Free Research UK)

Panetta Healing recognises the need for all forms of medicine - each have a part to play.

The Dr Hadwen Trust works in the field of medical science funding medical research exclusively in non-animal research techniques to replace animal experiments - hence benefiting people and animals.

Until ALL suffering in the world is no more the Green Man's Message to bring balance & harmony with Nature is not fulfilled.

The Dr Hadwen Trust is a Leading Light in the transformation of this process. 






by Mary Smith

Scotland UK 

 Mary Smith from Scotland, UK has kindly donated this beautiful painting to share on the website. Mary writes in :-

"My name is Mary and I live in Scotland, UK. I first saw Liz, Molly & Daisy from my window when I moved here in 2004. I have had severe M.E. since 1990 and am often housebound, at worse bed ridden. It may be strange to understand but although my body is weak my spirit is stronger than it has ever been and I can boast a great inner strength.

Last year i decidedd to manage my illness rather than it rule my life so I saved up and bought an electric wheelchair. I have since found a new sense of freedom and have been fortunate to meet liz on one of my outings. We got on straight away and keep in touch by e.mail.

Every winter I am housebound. During this time I enjoy my art. The piece here is called "Butterfly". I hope you enjoy it.

Warm wishes - Mary. .     








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