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Anger.... we all know its feeling at some time in our lives don't we. People tell us to "let your anger go" "think more positively". They are fine words - but not always easy to implement - especially if you are "stuck" right in the middle of the Eye of Anger....

Anger is an amazingly powerful energy - so why just "dissolve" it as many teach us to do  - why not instead re-utilise its power BUT IN A MORE POSITIVE FORM?

Everything in Life has its polarity - Sun and Moon, Earth and Water, Sadness and Happiness, Anger and Joy etc etc. What we need to do is seek Perfect Balance between both polarities e.g. if we have too much water we will drown - but if we have no Water at all but too much Earth we will die of thirst.   

Do you know the Tale of the Wise Snake? The Snake used to live outside a village and people would throw stones at him all day. One day a Wise Man came along and asked the Snake why he never hissed back at the people throwing stones. The Snake replied "because I don't want to poison them". The Wise Man explained to the Snake that he did not need to poison the people - only hiss at them to warn them...... The Snake tried the idea - and the people stopped throwing stones at him......

If the Snake had used too much Anger he would have poisoned the people - but he used Anger in Perfect Balance - to restore equal harmony between both himself and the people who walked past him each day...... He deserved the same respect from the people in equal balance to the respect he showed them...... THIS APPLIES TO ALL OF US.

If you are having Anger Moments at present - and with the Chaos of Materialism at play in our world right now many are feeling Anger Moments..... take a NEW look at those feelings - the Energy of your Anger. Can you see a way of transforming that Anger into a more positive form?  Its all part of YOUR own Energy Field - YOUR Energy is a very precious Gift and rather than just "dissolve" it how more powerful it will be in your life to use it to RE-CREATE POSITIVE FLOW.

We can suppress our Anger Energy - but that doesn't cure the Thought Form that created it. Spend a little time each day - because YOU deserve this Me Time - to begin to take steps to look into the Eye of Your Anger. To start with it could feel like a wobbily experience. Don't push it - rather just "go with the flow" as it wishes to come into your awareness gradually. Think of the rhythm of the oceans of the world - they have their own natural flow - and so do you...... Anger can come through in many disguises including Grief (which also then makes us feel guilty for feeling angry.....) unjust treatment, Banks playing havoc with our material lives, the frustration of just not being able to "solve" situations - the list is endless.  

If you are "into" meditation techniques take a look at the Panetta E-Booklet available on the website which is available as one large edition OR in smaller individual booklets. Inside the Advanced Techniques E-Booklet there is a section on "feeling stuck" and a wonderful exercise given there you can use to re-create the negative "stuck" transforming into a more positive form for you. This exercise can be used for ANY negative thought including Anger......

If you are not experienced in meditation you may be better to first of all take a look at the Beginners Guide Booklet on the website which helps people completely new to meditation.

  If you are unwaged and really feel you can't afford them - but do feel you would like to try working with them - write to me by using the Contacts Page on this website or write to me direct at to see whether you are eligible for a free copy.

Why a free copy?
  Because right now the most important thing we can ALL do for our Planet is help each and every one of us restore equal balance in the lives of ALL - Man - Nature - Earth - Planet. The Positive outcome of YOU receiving and working with one of these E-Books far outweighs the monetary system...... Write to me and let me know how you get on with using the E-Book or if you want any help in working with it. Don't let yourself feel "stuck" - imagine what it would be like if the oceans of the world suddenly became stuck.....! Does that sound daft? ....... Well, YOU deserve to enjoy the feeling of "easy flow" in YOUR life as well - just like the great oceans of the world.....

Restoring Perfect Balance throughout the world MEANS EXACTLY THAT. Together we can create Easy Flow in our lives in the same way Nature already does.

Occasionally Nature has reason to have to hiss back at us thorugh tidal waves, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions - but very quickly She restores perfect balance - we can too......

Much love to all and thank you for sharing with me today.

Liz at Panetta Healing