Thanks for sharing this article. For homeopaths - we may need to "think out of the box" with regard to this one.

Some while ago I started researching possible links with homeopathy, astrology, numerology and also music. Since then I have designed a chart which will at some point this year be available to share with the public. However, for now I would like to share this "out of the box" idea with you. Certainly all 4 aspects of hom. astrology, numerology and music combine as a "whole" a vibrational wonder. This article talks about the first 3 only.

Firstly, to look at homeopathy - for those familiar with the work of Jan Scholten I would draw your attention to his book "Homeopathy & The Elements". His Book clearly describes the elements in the periodic system and how they can be applied in homeopathy.  He describes 7 series. One series is that of Uranium with the theme of Magus - Universe - Intuition etc. (All elements in the Uranium series are radioactive). These people tend to have a 6th sense intuition.

So how does this relate to the world of astrology or numerology?

The 1st person I studied when investigating links was - myself! As a brief view broken down into numerology my name appeared :-

Liz Mercer  =  10  (in estoeric numerology 10 = Uranium)

My former name had been Elizabeth Callow = 10 = Uranium

So we see a repetition of 10 here.

If you look at :-

Elizabeth Mercer = 6 = Gold

Liz Callow = 5 = Iron

Most people who know me well will say I tend to have a very strong intuition (Uranium series).  What I also noticed was that remedies I have personally taken in the past for health reasons have included x-ray (5 : Iron) Carcin (6 : Gold) and other remedies which have tended to be primarily a no. 6 in numerology form. So you see these same numbers getting reflected within the homeopathic world. (We are never one number only....).  

So perhaps your next thought may be "just coincidence" - but is there such a thing as coincidence?

I have found that every time I have studied a person their numerology life number is reflected in the homeopathic remedy required. If you look at the numerology Tree of Life it is possible to be able to recognise what numerology number is required for a remedy for that person - and in turn this gives clearer insight to the remedy itself. 

When applied to the homeopathic Mappa Mundi it becomes very clear. The planets themselves need to be included within the Mappa Mundi - a person's ascendant and moon signs for example are very important in analysis. In turn these also give us insight into the emotional world of the person - and highlights where imbalance is occurring.  

If you have ever found a remedy has given a patient a severe aggravation - you will find that by developing deeper insight in this way prevents this happening. Using a Flow Chart to represent the person's life helps - but it does not go deep enough - it doesn't go into the "vibrational force at work".  We all know that homeopathic medicine is vibrational - but this is now taking it to a new and deeper level - if we are prepared to be open-minded to it.  Yes, "aggravations" are great (see Organon!). But within balance. If you truly love homeopathy for its deepest values - then in turn please be open-minded to new possibilities - life is forever evolving - and we have now come to a place in history where that evolvement is more important than perhaps ever before...... Severe aggravations should never happen - and this combination of several energy systems (numerology is the energy of numbers for example) enables severe aggravations to be a thing of the dark past.

The forces of ALL energy are united as One Energy in the Greater Cosmos. Hence the energy of a Planet has a bearing on us. Studies have shown how the Moon for instance has a major effect on emotions at certain times).

The repertories are wonderful tools for a homeopath - and will continue to be!  But we are being given the opportunity to think even deeper now - and be prepared to accept that other energy forms also have a great place within the home of energy medicine. Combine them together and we really do have a great Universal Healer. While we keep them segregated - they will remain only partially of use....... 

If you could like to contact Liz about this article please use the contacts page on this website - thanks.

Much happiness to you!

Liz - Panetta Healing