Hi everyone

On the Panetta Maypole Course we work in depth on developing our Perception skills. Perception is a key factor in day to day living AND in the Art of Healing. Our perception of our patient can make all the difference in prescribing for our patients. It is also a key factor in our more personal lives - within the family group. If you are interested in learning more about the Panetta Course take the offer of the FREE E-Book that is running right now - offer expires 31st May 2011. Inside the E-Book there are a host of ideas to help you in day to day living and at the end of the E-Book directions on how YOU can apply for a free Panetta Maypole Course Unit 1.

Many ideas are floating around right now about the Mayan prophecies.  But note here - I say "many ideas". Yes, its our own UNIQUE PERCEPTION of what the Mayan prophecies mean to us that create the diversity of ideas. We each perceive things in our own unique way according to our own life experiences. In the Panetta Maypole Course in Unit 4 we discuss this in depth, with emphasise in one section of Unit 4 on the Mayan Calendar. Think about this saying by Richard Bach :-

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the World the Master calls a Butterfly" - Richard Bach.

How would YOU apply this to the Mayan Calendar?......  What does your OWN perception say to you with regard to this?

Many people are able to see the Nature Spirits I show on my website - but many others don't - again its a difference of PERCEPTION. However, these photos are completely real - are stored on my mobile phone camera! - and I was as surprised as everyone else to find myself receiving them in 2010 (and continues today in 2011). However, for those people who have visited Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, UK you will have seen hundreds of Green Man images all over the Chapel! They are also to be found throughout churches generally in the UK (and other countries).

For these images to be on Church walls also shows clearly that past generations had the PERCEPTION ABILITY to actually see the Nature Spirits - they couldn't take a photo - they could actually see them with their own eyes and speak about them - hence the reason we have so many on church walls nowadays. Their PERCEPTION was closer to Nature than we are today.

The primary Green Man photo I show on my website (with my own little dog Daisy who is very much alive! and is seen in the foreground of the photo) clearly shows (once you actually see the face!) vegetation over the Green Man face. (There are actually 4 Greebn Man faces in the photo - but one is particularly clear).  This is how people of past generations have described him - NOW we have actual photographs of him!

What does this mean to us - all the world?  Nature Spirits are actually very powerful, wise "energies" - far wiser than humankind - and also far more loving....... their Love is Unconditional whereas as humans we place "conditions" on our Love.......

Nature Spirits - Green Man & his friends - have joined us ALL at this time to help us all find BALANCE once more between Man and Nature.  People are talking about the Earth's Grid changing - but sorry to say but that is thinking still very materially. 

To make the Shift in the way the Universe is guiding us we need to think BEYOND the material plane - forget worrying about the Earth's Grid shifting - but instead reach to your Core Centre in your Heart and start learning how to Unite as One Consciousness. Thats not an easy thing to do but today can be the 1st step on that ladder.  YOU will find that if you just take that one step - just one ....... the Universe will most certainly support you all the way. The Universe's Higher Energies are reaching out to us now to guide us, support us, more than ever before. We only need to learn to listen to them and then practise what we are learning. 

That means to let go of hostilities worldwide - make friends with the person you argued with - show respect and gratitude towards Nature and all that it gives us....... It isn't done all at once - its a gradual process - but YOU can do it! All you need to do is take the 1st step.
The Panetta Maypole Course is just one way of taking that 1st step. However, it isn't the only way of taking the 1st step. If any College tells you that they have ALL THE ANSWERS - question it?  No one has all the answers. We are each unique beings - you will be drawn to the right Path to help you - but please seek that Path - find it NOW because it will be a constant friend and companion to you if you allow it into your heart......  But only YOU can open that door.......

The Nature Spirit photos on this website are just one way of developing "perception" skills - but there are a host of other ways as well!  Linguistics is a wonderful perception tool when applied well - and there are many other ways of developing your perception.
As a unique being you will find what "perception tools" feel most fluid for you - just open your heart to the idea and walk through the door of enlightmenment.....  Yes, the Mayan Calendar exists - but Nature Spirits and Universal Energy perceive it more like Richard Bach says - as a caterpillar into a butterfly......... 

Much love to each and everyone sharing this with me today.

Liz - Panetta Healing