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A few months ago one of my young music student's came to me for a music lesson straight after school and were quite distressed. I asked what the problem was. Their teacher had been giving them a lesson that day on the Mayan Prophecy and the child said that both himself and his classmates had got really frightened - thinking the world was coming to an end later this year. Since then I have had several other music students say this to me - and a couple of their parents....  

This prompted me to set this as an exercise for the Panetta Healing students - just how would they respond to a child distressed by such a school lesson?......  One of the students in the USA has submitted a response to the exercise and has given me permission to publish it in the hope that it helps to realign peoples' fears about the  Mayan Calendar - and also help teachers, parents etc to find a new and more gentle approach to dealing with this question rather than creating fear in the Mind of the child.......

RESPONSE TO A CHILD (relating to the Mayan Calendar) written by a Panetts Healing student based in the USA

(The Panetta students were asked to write in the first person - as if they were actually talking at that point to the child).

"A long time ago, there lived in Central America an ancient people called the Mayans. They were a truly remarkable people. They invented the zero ages before people on the east side of the Atlantic did. In school you may have learned that our number sytstem uses a base of 10 to count things. You know, 1, 2, 3 then 11, 12, ....20 and so on. The Mayans number system was a base of 20. This makes things very different. I wouldn't want to have to count that way.

We used our numbers to figure out technological things. The Mayans used their number system to figure out spiritual things. They worked out a spiritual Calendar for 25,000 years that showed different ages of spiritual growth for human beings. It mapped out how we would change as a civilisation as human beings grew up. Finally at the end of their 25,000 year calendar, they determined that human beings would change in several important ways. We would come to love the Earth and each other and work together for the good of human kind and the planet. We would each and every one of us become Healers.

This is the final age that starts on 21st December 2012. People talk about the end of the world. The Mayans did NOT predict such a thing. You and me - we have to become healers. We have to care for each other and for the Earth who is our Mother. That is what we need to do in the next age. If we can do that, then we can restore the health of the environment and stop fighting and wars. Do you think you can do that? Can you help take better care of the environment and each person you know? I'll bet you can - and show others how to as well".  Submitted by a Panetta student in USA.

To all readers:  If you feel this could help someone, a parent, a teacher, a doctor, - anyone who has contact with children and has found this a difficult subject to talk to them about - please copy this and circulate it to help others - THANK YOU. Many young people in my own area of Scotland, UK are aware of the Mayan Calendar - many are also very unnecessarily anxious - even if they are not expressing that anxiety outward - just talk with them to see if they have any concerns....... I've heard youth recently say "whats the point of doing anything - the world is ending anyway"......

The Panetta Healing student who submitted this Paper to share with you wishes you much Joy throughout 2012 - AND 2013 onwards!

Much love and unhappiness to you all - Liz - Panetta Healing