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Today has seen the launch of the new Panetta Healing Meditation E-Books - see www.panettahealing.com Panetta E-Books page.

The main E-Book is called "The Art of Meditation" and contains 94 pages with wonderful photography to enhance "image meditation" by David Hamilton-Smith.  The E-Book is suitable for people of all levels of meditation, from the beginner through to the advanced stage of meditation.

Techniques given in the E-Book include :-

Preliminary meditation technique (for the beginner) and problems occurring in meditation
There is a special section for musicians and meditation
Wealth meditations - including Wealth of Health & Spirit, wealth of love, physical health, material health

One chapter is dedicated to the environment with a Panetta Planetary Meditation exercise given 

Chapter 5 is for people interested in Yoga and meditation

Chapter 6 : Panetta Shamanic meditations

Meditations to heal the body are also given, along with meditations to heal friends and situations. Several meditations are well suited for the healing of animals.

Chapter 9 takes us on a journey into advanced meditation techniques including "The Power of 8", de-bonding, energy poles, the Healing power of the Maypole, the Panetta "Embryo of Life" meditation, and in the final chapter linguistics and meditation is studied along with a brief introduction into the Panetta Homeo-Linguistic Technique. 

The E-Books are beautifully illustrated throughout by photography by David Hamilton-Smith.

It is also possible to obtain the E-Book in 4 smaller volumes :-

Vol. 1 : A Beginner's Guide
Vol. 2 : The Art of Wealth Awareness
Vol. 3 : Shamanic, Yoga & Planetary Meditations
Vol. 4 : Advanced Techniques

For further details just visit the panetta website at www.panettahealing.com Panetta E-Books page.

Have a great week!
Liz - Panetta Healing