May 13, 2011

Circles - circles - life can sometimes seem an endless cycle of repeating themes eh?

In the Panetta Maypole Course of Life we look in depth at the meaning of life's repeating themes - circles. It seems at times as if we go 2 steps forward - then 1 step backward....!  But why you ask yourself?.......

Do you know of someone who has gone through a divorce - and then married again to a similar character? Repeating theme...... We STOP repeating the same theme once we learn what that theme has been teaching us - what its message is for us to hear..... but sometimes because we are right in the middle of it - "can't see the wood for the trees" - its message continues to be obscured to us - as if veiled in some way. 

Time has a tendency to allow negative emotions to "fade" - but that doesn't necessarily mean they are "cured". That negativity will show itself again in some form, usually disguised in a slightly different form e.g. you work in a supermarket - the next time you are working in a clothes shop. The environment is different - but its theme of "shop" remains the same...... we are repeating a pattern. 

This repeating pattern is done for many reasons, one of which is because its a path that feels safe to us because we have travelled it before and know it well..... even if on occasions it has been a rocky path - at least its a path that is known to us - not like going into the deep unknown......

But we can also find that by taking 2 steps forward it gives us a clearer, calmer "vision" - and a "breathing space" to be able to restore some kind of balance in our lives. Then, when we do take that 1 step backwards we are in a better position to understand more calmly than before its message to us. 

Yes, life does have repeating themes, circles. But martial arts shows us the power of the circle - allow that circle to impart calm, vision and strength to you - strength to take a fresh look at that old well trodden path - vision to see that you don't truly have to tread the same repeating path - and calmness of spirit to listen to the message of your heart........

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Liz - Panetta Healing



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May 12, 2011
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