Hi everyone

One of the Panetta Course members recently talked about what 11 11 11 meant to them. . Their post on the Panetta Forum was talking about where they are being encouraged to take part in special ceremonies etc for this particular day. Here is the Panetta Healing response to it.

Having ceremonies on 11 11 11 is fine - but think about the surgeon working in the hospital to save someone's life that day - he can't just step out of the time zone - or someone having to care 24hrs a day for their severely handicapped child - I have a friend in that position. Most people just cannot just step out of the time zone and dedicate in that way. So anyone on the Course reading the link - don't feel "guilty" if you can't give time - you WILL be giivng time just as importantly by "living in the now" of the experience of the day - experience of helping a friend, sharing your gifts in some way.

In the spiritual realm there IS no time!!!  We can go forwards and backwards "in time" - a bit like "Back to the Future" ha! 

From my side I encourage everyone to NOT devote just one special day - live that day as you would normally but instead develop as deep a gratitude and joyful feeling as possible. EVERY DAY. It isn't what we do on one day that counts - its what we do EVERY DAY that is making the difference.

What I don't like about "foretelling events" etc is that for instance - if someone thought the end of the world is tomorrow - they would suddenly start being very "prayerful - loving" etc - but that would not be the REAL them - that would just be them driven by fear - fear that if they don't suddenly "change" they will be damned forever.

If we are to arrive in a Lemurian State we need to cultivate on a daily basis love - gratitude - joy. Make it a DAILY PRACTISE.  If some people have time to devote to a special day - for instance nuns and monks often do - then that is great. However, what they are doing is no more than what the person is doing caring for their dying relative or showing generosity to someone.

Work from the HEART on a DAILY BASIS - thats what I would say 11 11 11 should be about..... People may wish to "predict" events - but if we work from the heart we don't need to concern ourselves about predictions. Predictions tend to encourage focus on Self to a certain extent - and can easily encourage a person to drive from fear rather than from love. Forget predictions. Think Love - Gratitude - Joy DAILY. Everything  else will sort itself out just right!

Love Liz