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Whether you are an Holistic Practitioner or Orthodox Doctor please just stop for a moment and consider whether you really take time to listen to the Inner Language of your patient....Frequently their "repeating themes" will be echoing their internal world. Consider this phrase that Panetta Healing noticed someone would repeat each time they spoke to them on the phone - its an unusual phrase ......

"My body structure is breaking up"

Unusual phrase isn't it..... and it led to the correct homeopathic remedy being described simply by really thinking into what this phrase, repeated frequently by the person, was really meaning..
Imagine for a moment a patient saying this to you - what would you make of it? I'm sure any homeopathic practitioner will quickly recognise the inner meaning of this phrase. Yet if this phrase had been ignored and the person had visited a practitioner unfamiliar with linguistics - the person could well have been given treatment that would create further suppression. In fact with one dose of the correct homeopathic remedy the person was cured. Impossible? Cure was apparent on both the physical and mental/emotional planes.

No matter what form of healing we follow, whether it is holistic or orthodox, the patient's linguistics are essential to be understood and by recognising them we can work better to alleviate and avoid long term medication, 

Doctors surgeries are filled to capacity nowadays - and doctors are hard-pressed to find time to join in indepth discussion with their patients - but by listening to a patient's repeating word phrases while in their consultation - could just open the door to a more lasting and healing process......

If you are interested in understanding the phrase given above more fully please use the Contacts page on this website to contact Panetta Healing giving your name and form of medicine you follow and Liz of Panetta Healing will be pleased to help you more fully understand its internal meaning......

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