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This month (May 2011) Panetta Healing is celebrating her 1st birthday!  

As part of our Birthday Celebration we are offering the Panetta Healing E-Book "Self-Healing for the 21st Century" completely ee of charge to you until 31st May 2011 together with Unit 1 of the Panetta Maypole of Life Course (application for which is via the E-Book).  Inside the E-Book there are ideas on stress management, meditation techniques, creating Wealth in our World, a Triangle of Life, bereavement, music as a healing tool, fear of exams - and much more!

At the back of the E-Book there is a section where you are able to apply to join the Panetta Maypole of Life Course. The Panetta Maypole of Life Course is two-fold; firstly we look at discovering our own "core states" of imbalance - because we ALL have them! In turn we then look at how best to rebalance them. As you progress through the Course you are given the opportunity to become a Panetta Practitioner. 

The Panetta Maypole of Life Course is 8 units in all - each unit can be purchased separately (Unit 1 is given to you free of charge until 31st May 2011). Later for those people wishing to develop into Panetta Practitioners there is a further Course available that follows. (Everyone wishing to become a Panetta Practitioner has to first of all study the Panetta Maypole Course).

The Course is open to everyone no matter what their background. In certain instances fees for the Course are waived according to profession and circumstance. (Normal prices are shown on the website - but remember that Unit 1 is free of charge to you until 31st May 2011 upon successful application to the Course).

Although the Course is internet based Panetta Healing also supports students via the phone and Skype. "Face-to-face" workshops are commencing in Panetta Healing's own locality (East Lothian, Scotland UK) from June 2011.

If you would like a free copy of the Self-Healing E-Book just go to our Contacts Page and a copy will be winging its way to you very swiftly!

Have a great day!

Liz - Panetta Healing