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New YouTube video released depicting "Molly" in Spirit

see the E-Book "Molly & Flossie - the Power of Eternal Love"

towards the end of this page for details.

YouTube Video link at :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zm_8aMgkG6I&feature=youtu.be

we hope you enjoy it!



 Panetta Healing has brought out a series of meditation books giving exclusive unique Panetta meditation techniques.


The E-Books are suitable for complete beginners of meditation through to advanced levels, utilising techniques incorporating "imagry" through the wonderful work of photographer David Hamilton-Smith, Shamanic, Yoga and Planetary meditation as well as music and linguistics.


Throughout March 2016 the complete E-Book "The Art of Meditation" by Panetta Healing is given free to you as a contribution towards World Peace & Harmony.

 Just contact Panetta Healing direct by clicking on this link 


The Art of Meditation

94 pages with photographic display

Price : £10.50

(US$ 16.41)

according to exchange rate

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"The Art of Meditation"


Panetta Healing

This E-Book contains 94 pages with wonderful photographic display by David Hamilton-Smith.

It takes you on a Journey of Meditation from the beginners level to advanced level of meditation and incorporates techniques including :

Primary meditation technique

Problems occurring in Meditation

Meditation for Musicians

Wealth Meditations including Wealth of the Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Material planes

The environment & meditation

Shamanic & Yoga meditation

The Circles of Life

Healing for Animals

Advanced Meditation Techniques including :

The Power of 8

Energy Poles

The Healing Power of the Maypole

The Embryo of Life

Linguistics and Meditation

Panetta (homeopathic) Meditation  


 "The Art of Meditation" is also available in e-booklets (4 separate volumes) 




Price : £2.50

 US$ 3.90

 according to exchange rate

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Price : £3.50

US$ 5.47

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"Beginner's Guide to the Art of Meditation"
(Vol. 1)

This Booklet, consisting of 35 pages with photographic displays is suitable for the beginner wishing to develop their meditation skills and gives preliminary meditation technique and help with problems occurring in meditation.

There is a special section for musicians and meditations include "The healing Cup," (healing friends, animals and situations)  "Flower Meditation" (letting go of negatives), meditating with image - and much more!

A section is also included on the environmental link with Panetta Healing.





  " Art of Wealth Awareness"

(Vol. 2)

This Booklet consists of 48 pages and includes a section on problems occurring in meditation and is suitable to people who have had some basic meditation experience..

 Wealth meditations include Wealth of  the Material, Health, Spirit, Love & Planet.  

There are chapters on healing the body,  introduction to The Embryo of Life, the Art of Automatic Writing, the Magic of Nature.    

A section is also dedicated to environmental meditation.

Photographic displays are included.  




Price : £2.50

US$ 3.90

according to exchange rate

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The Art of Shamanic, Yoga & Planetary Meditation"

 (Vol. 3)

This Volume consists of 50 pages and is designed for people who have reached a reasonable level of meditation skill.

Chapters include unique Panetta meditations for :

Yoga & Meditation

Shamanic Meditations including detailed Panetta Meditations "The Embryo of Life", Tree, Lion, Eagle, Mountain, Forest Spider, Hummingbird, River meditations

 "Visions of a Pine Tree" 

(This Panetta meditation is designed to help you better perceive the energy of "your now" AND to bring light into your "future")

Meditating with Image (the Miracle of Nature Spirits)

The Healing Power of the Maypole

A detailed Planetary Meditation is also given 

Photographic displays are given to aid visual impact for Meditation



"Advanced Techniques"

 (Vol. 4)

This Volume consists of 45 pages and is suitable for people who have reached a good standard in meditational skills.

 Meditations included in this Booklet are :-

The Power of 8


Detailed meditation of the Panetta "Embryo of Life",

Detailed study of the use of linguistics in meditation : the Art of automatic writing

Transforming "lack" through linguistics and meditation

The Healing Power of the Maypole

"Your heart needs your love" Heart Meditation

Panetta homeo linguistics "A Droplet in Time" (based on a homeopathic remedy through meditation)

Meditating with Image

Panetta Healing's Environmental Link

Photographic displays are given to aid visual impact for meditation


Price : £4.50

US$ 7.03

according to exchange rate

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New YouTube video!

Greenstrings Music / Panetta Healing now  have  a new YouTube video out showing "Molly" in Spirit followed by a Greenstrings Music song entitled "Knight of the Forest" dedicated to the memory of Chico Mendes.

Just click on this link to see the video - we hope you enjoy it!

This true and wonderful Love Story begins with the laying of a small necklace as a Gift of Gratitude to the Forest where Molly was laid to rest.

Shortly after placing the necklace in the Forest Liz started to receive wonderful photographs there clearly showing the presence of Nature Spirits and both Molly and Flossie in Spirit.

Molly, Flossie and Liz of Panetta Healing now share this story of Eternal Love with you to help all peoples' of the world understand that Life truly is Eternal - and that the Spiritual World really is just a blink of the eye away from Mankind ....... we just have to open our hearts to it.......

There are 31 photos in the E-Book and a Key to each photograph is included.  

To celebrate the YouTube video depicting Molly in Spirit and the Greenstrings Music / Panetta Healing song "Knight of the Forest" dedicated to the memory of Chico Mendes Molly & Flossie's book is being offered at a special celebratory price of £1 (US1.60 approx). If you are unwaged write to Panetta Healing by clicking on this link to have the opportunity of a free copy.of the E-Book.

Price :  £1.00

(approximately US $1.60)

according to the exchange rate)

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  Photographs by David Hamilton-Smith : c.2012



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