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 The complete E-Book "The Art of Meditation" by Panetta Healing is given free to you as a contribution towards World Peace & Harmony.

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The Art of Meditation

94 pages with photographic display

Given as a free Gift to you as a contribution towards World Peace & Harmony



"The Art of Meditation"


Panetta Healing

This E-Book contains 94 pages with wonderful photographic display by David Hamilton-Smith.

It takes you on a Journey of Meditation from the beginners level to advanced level of meditation and incorporates techniques including :

Primary meditation technique

Problems occurring in Meditation

Meditation for Musicians

Wealth Meditations including Wealth of the Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Material planes

The environment & meditation

Shamanic & Yoga meditation

The Circles of Life

Healing for Animals

Advanced Meditation Techniques including :

The Power of 8

Energy Poles

The Healing Power of the Maypole

The Embryo of Life

Linguistics and Meditation

Panetta (homeopathic) Meditation  


  Photographs by David Hamilton-Smith : c.2012



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