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Come and have some fun with us as we explore the World of Numbers.  Have you ever wondered why the numbers 3 and 5 occur so frequently in Nature? Many varieties of starfish have 5 arms, patterns of 5 are found in many flower families. Leaves repeat a common sequence of 2, 3 and 5.  We have 5 digits for each hand. 

Why do certain sounds leave us feeling exhausted - while other sounds lift  our Spirit and energize us?   In this section we explore the Numbers of the Universe and its correlation to vibration and sound in our everyday lives. 

Also in our Numerology Section we will be offering a free personalised numerology reading for you.  


   COMING SHORTLY :  Panetta Healing has designed a Chart encorporating the

 worlds of homeopathy (in mappa mundi form), astrology, numerology and music together showing 

how these worlds all work together "as one".  Remedies from the world of homeopathy are identified

and example case studies will be given to explain how our new Chart works.


If this is something you are interested in then please bookmark this page - we will be making

it available to you as soon as possible!


Panetta Healing  



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