Peace for Planet Earth

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Our aim? To create a Circle of Love, Unity, Gratitude all around our Planet that both Man and Nature can be at Peace.  

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Update 10th April 2022

"To her fair works did Nature link
The human soul that through me ran.
And much it grieved my heart to think
What man has made of man".

Composed by William Wordsworth in 1798.
 from Wordsworth's  Poem "Lines written in early Spring"

When Wordsworth wrote the words above little did he know they would still be applying today - centuries later..... 

We continue to hear of the terrible atrocities being carried out by the dark forces against the peace-loving people of Ukraine. President Zelenskyy and his people continue to show amazing bravery and "calmness of Spirit" while "in the eye of the dark forces at work" against them, reminding us all that these dark forces are intent on creating instability throughout Europe. Does this make you feel powerless?  Think of a volcano erupting...... It is Nature expressing its great power isn't it.

Yet once the volcano settles new Earth along with all its beauty is created

Right now the dark forces intent on bringing instability in its many forms are expressing their own inner turmoil that their own greed of power is creating within them - and which directs their own inner turmoil towards peace-loving peoples. But as with the volcano erupting..... these dark forces will not be able to prevent beauty and peace from unfolding. Their own inner anguishes and frustrations will gradually turn against them.  As with the volcano - Peace WILL prevail. 

President Zelenskyy has made many impassioned calls worldwide asking us all to not only "speak peace" but to also demonstrate - action - Peace. This is where the "ordinary" person feels perhaps powerless.... But we are not powerless....While leaders of the world are working really hard to create pathways to restore lasting calm we can all play our part too.  

It has been highlighted that while countries are doing their utmost best to help Ukraine in every way they can - some countries are also feeling they have no way of preventing themselves from "fuelling the pocket of the dark forces" at work through their need of energy. Their governments are working hard on this - but each person can also play their part. Its so simple.....

People are concerned about the "energy crisis" - so how about turning that "concern" into "action". There is so much each individual on the Planet can do - according to their own circumstances. We don't need to wait for governments to insist on "rationing" etc. By focusing on our own energy usage we will in turn be helping to lessen the need of energy being supplied by "dark forces" - and also very importantly helping the Planet. Here's just a few very simple suggestions. If you think they are too simple to make a difference - remember the "collective consciousness" at work applies....! 

If you are fit, healthy and active - turn the heating down lower. Even just turning the heating down by 1 degree makes a difference - and gradually as you adapt to a change of temperature you will find you can even turn it down lower. Celebrate your active lifestyle by acknowledging the joy of being able to adapt in this way - and know that in turn you are helping the Planet itself. It also means that the elderly and sick people of societies are not so at risk of energy rationing.

Adapt eating lifestyles - salads are really good for you. If that makes you go "ouch" - just try salads for a week. You will not be consuming all the energy required for cooking - and you will be creating good healthy habits.

If you enjoy a hot drink - instead of continually boiling a kettle up through the day try filling a flask with boiled water and use that through the day to make your tea and coffee etc.  

Although we don't want to create hardship for industry it is a fact that industry is using excessive energy to create unnecessary luxuries for Man e.g. just how many new clothes do we really need? If you enjoy knitting and crotchet - try to only use 100% natural wools (though at present more expensive they are also warmer and better for the environment....). 

Gone are the days of the beautiful "horse and cart" as we zoom around in our cars nowadays. Many people rely on their car for work - but perhaps take a closer look at how many trips you take as a "luxury" drive only. Each mile you don't drive is helping the Planet - and saving energy. 

There are endless ways of saving energy and helping the Planet. In turn it will also help Ukraine and its people to bring this terrible war to an earlier close - because the less energy as individuals we "demand" we need - the less demand to buy energy from the dark forces at work right now. 

It seems as if the world has been in a deep "slumber" over a very long time, particularly in relation to environmental issues - Ukraine and its brave, peace-loving people are showing us the way.....

Lets remember - the volcano doesn't erupt forever - it does produce healthy, new land. While Ukraine is "in the eye of the volcano" we can help as individuals. President Zelenskyy has asked countries to stop buying energy from the dark forces.... The governments of those countries are working hard to do this - but each day it doesn't happen extends Ukraine's pain more.  Lets not wait for governments to sort this situation out - we can play our part well - and in turn we are being active and visible in our desire to bring lasting Peace & Health to Planet Earth - Man's only Home.....   

Lets think Peace and lasting Health for Planet Earth today - and every day. 

Share ideas with friends on how best to promote this.

 Planet Earth is YOUR Home. 

Man - Nature - Planet

Planet Earth is the Jewel of the Planetary System.....

Man has slumbered long enough..... lets awaken in the knowledge that as individuals we each "own" a responsibility to restoring Health to Planet Earth. In turn Man - Nature and Planet will benefit - and the dark forces at present at work seeking to create instability and pain to peace-loving nations will find they have no place left to express their own inner turmoil. 

 It will be "the Flower that shattered the Stone"......          .        

Update 24th March 2022

This week the gentle, brave people of Ukraine have truly led the way to show the world the way of Peace. 

Florists in Kyiv united "as One" to create an amazing floral display of 1.5m tulips in the shape of Ukraine's national symbol the Trident. The display was 120 metres long and 80 metres wide - entirely made of flowers. Meanwhile the inspiring voice of a Ukrainian musician could be heard singing beside the flowers. 

Ballet stars Ivan Putrov (Ukraine) and Alina Cojocaru (Romania) joined forces to create an amazing "Dance for Ukraine" at the London Coliseum. It included ballerinas from many countries including France, Ukraine, Mexico, Italy, USA, Japan, Russia, Brazil, UK - and more.  

Today : 24th March 2022 - President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has made a worldwide Call "In the name of Peace" for peace-loving people of all nations to join forces "as One" asking us all TO BE VISIBLE in supporting our worldwide Call for lasting Peace. He says :-

In the name of Peace, Freedom, Life - Peace matters. Ukraine matters. 

No matter our age or background this is something we can all worldwide participate in. 

Working as "One Collective Consciousness" worldwide we are uniting with peace-loving people throughout Planet Earth to restore harmony, balance and lasting Peace. 


Our thoughts are uniting in Peace worldwide. Lets also materialise these peace thoughts now. 

We can demonstrate this by joining forces worldwide in the streets, schools, workplaces - demonstrating that we stand united "as One" with Ukraine and its people in the knowledge that we only have collectively worldwide one Planet Earth. Its is Mans Home - and Nature's Home. Those who choose to abuse the Earth and its gentle, peace-loving people of the world will be finding Peace will be the stronger, lasting Force.....  

This is a short video link to John Denver reciting "The Box" - its a box that holds within it war.....  

Its very appropriate to Ukraine's situation right now. If we imagine Ukraine sitting safely, peacefully, inside the box with its peace-loving countries around it as the sides of the box. 

President Zelenskyy has been calling for help with the skies over Ukraine. 

In The Box video it talks about the importance of never opening the box. Imagine the lid of the box is Ukraine's skies right now. The Box video says as the lid is opened war is ignited - we could say the peace loving people of Ukraine are exposed....

Imagine - you are able to now peer right into the box. You see the sides of the box becoming distorted because of the ravages of war now taking place. Imagine the sides of The Box are countries such as Poland and other nations - in their peace and loving ways - working together to help refugees from Ukraine escape the savage ravages being bestowed on them. The sides of the box bulge with the huge pressure being put on them - but still they continue because they know Peace is the lasting Truth of Love.....

The Box video says to never open the lid of the box.....

Its very easy to understand why President Zelenskyy continually calls for help to govern Ukraine's skies right now if we just remember the skies above Ukraine can be as the lid of The Box video that has been opened - exposing Ukraine's peace-loving people. 

Ukraine's wonderful people are truly leading the way to show us all worldwide how to live in Peace. They continue to demonstrate gentle, loving methods such as in Dance, Flowers, Music. Ukraine's brave soldiers show their great focus and bravery. These are people who never wanted to be at war with their Russian neighbours..... Their natural way is the way of Peace.... 

President Zelenskyy is asking us all to make our Statement for Peace in Ukraine very visible worldwide......World leaders are doing their utmost best to achieve this - but us "ordinary folk" can do our bit too...


Ukraine is the "doorway" to that lasting Peace..... it is showing us all "the way"...... 

Collective Consciousness works
Thought - Word - Action in Unity of Love & lasting Peace 

While many people throughout the world are at present feeling anguish, frustration, powerless  to bring Calmness of Spirit to the great sadnesses being acted out on our beautiful Planet - lets join forces to become powerful through the use of Thought and Word. There are some amazingly brave and beautiful actions being performed by many people right now  helping those suffering from the cruel hardness of war and famine. But there is also much we can all achieve no matter our age - from the very young to the very old -  all can participate in Thought and Word to bring lasting Peace for Planet Earth and for all who call Planet Earth "home". Mother Earth is home to us humans but also to Nature in all its glory, from the animals and plants to the forests and oceans. Planet Earth is an amazingly beautiful Jewel within the planetary system but our actions upon it are bringing great sadness. It is a Living Being in its own right and feels the pains and torments of our actions. 

As a Collective Consciousness we have the Power to bring Peace to our troubled Planet and in doing so both Man and Nature will reap the benefit of what Peace gives.

 I am reminded of John Denver singing "The Flower that shattered the Stone".  If we see the Flower as Peace and the Stone as War and then begin to notice how so many flowers, mosses, lichens utilise rocks and stones for their own growth and support  - we can begin to realise that while the flower is seemingly delicate it has an inner strength that utilises the hardness of stone. I often see rocks that have shattered through the amazing network of roots of plants. Lets be the flowers of the Earth and shatter the hardness of war and famine through the Collective Consciousness of Thought that is enveloped in Love, Peace - and Gratitude for a wonderful home called Earth.....  We are all capable of doing this - we just need to reach into our hearts to trigger the action.....

For people who are experienced in the Art of Meditation could you please meditate on these words - 

Peace for Planet Earth

If you are not comfortable with meditation it doesn't matter! Instead, say the words several times. Our spoken words are the external manifestation of our inner world - Thought and Word are vibrational and that vibration is felt throughout the Planet.. You may wish to think into what each word means - here's an example :-

Peace : happiness, smiling children, Nature in health, calmness of Spirit

Planet :: seen as a wonderful Jewel from Space. Oceanic blues, forests of green, our Home

Earth : allowing us to live our lives upon her. Gives us water, food, beauty 

Or you may have a picture that depicts Peace - Planet - Earth that you wish to look at as a meditation


 Lets unite throughout the world using these simple but very deep meaning words. If possible chant the words for a few minutes or if you live in a Country where you feel uncomfortable to be able to do so think the words instead. Thought always comes before action.....

Encourage your friends to take part - spread the word that we are powerful uniting as One in Collective Consciousness. 

If possible think or speak these words using at least one of these times each day particularly in the knowledge that others throughout the world will be joining forces with you.

3.00am or 15.00hrs

9.00am or 21.00hrs

midday or midnight

6.00am or 18.00hrs

but otherwise any time is good!

You may also wish to join in the "fluid" all day World Meditation occurring on Wednesdays and Sundays - and if you do not like meditation you can speak or think the words instead. For the "fluid" World Meditation click on this link which will take you to the Green Man Awareness page on this website which gives you times for many countries to participate. 

Lets say "enough is enough" to the negative, cruel actions occurring on our Planet. The gentle people of the world are saying its their Time.....Lets turn the river of tears we are seeing in the terrible atrocities occurring into rivers of Joy. We can do it. Leaders of the world and many organisations and people are working very hard right now to restore balance to a very out of balance Planet. But this is one thing that everyone in the world - young and old - healthy or not so healthy - can participate in. In doing so we are all exerting our Power and working together in unity, harmony as One Family.......

Thank you.......     


It was called

"Operation Breakthrough"

the amazing, true story of

Ice & Snowflake

I wrote the song opposite in 1988 after - like millions of other people - I followed this amazing story nightly on TV News. Some people complained it was a waste of money.....  yet today Ice & Snowflake's Story is as relevant now with the terrible conflicts of war on our Planet as it was in 1988......Their Story shows the wonderful Power of Nature capable of creating positive harmony between nations....


What was "Operation Breakthrough?"

 The US Dept of State and Soviet Union joined forces to free 3 grey whales trapped in packed ice near Point Barrow in 1988. The youngest whale died but the other 2 whales survived. Cited in this song as "Ice & Snowflake" they were later renamed. The youngest whale (called Bone) died.

It was an amazing and wonderful display of how Man is capable of working in Unity - Harmony - with each other...

and how Nature can be the

 Doorway to the Discovery of lasting Peace.....

When we think of Peace we cannot think in isolation  of Man only. If we do there cannot be lasting Peace because we are all One Family sharing one Home - Earth - together.  Our Call for World Peace needs to be motivated through recognising and respecting that we are all interwoven within the fabric of Nature. Ice & Snowflake were able to achieve something that Man by himself could not achieve.    

World Leaders, including Faith Leaders, strive really hard to find that lasting Doorway to Peace - but frequently the magical, missing ingredient is lack of Love for Planet Earth. While we hold a belief that the Earth is Man's "playground" to act out our warlike feelings so strikingly being seen right now - there can never be lasting Peace. Thats why its important to remember in our Peace Movement :

Peace for Planet Earth     

These words embody everything required to bring lasting Peace to our very troubled Planet.....If our Planet Earth - Man's Home - feels at Peace in turn Man himself will be at Peace. The 2 are interwoven together......

While we are seeing terrible wars being acted out on Planet Earth at the same time we are witnessing Man's effect on the environment - Australia for instance has been suffering terrible floods on one side of her Country while on the other side of her Country has been suffering huge heatwaves. Thats just one example ..... 

Think PEACE for PLANET EARTH - and we will discover that

Doorway to lasting Peace.....   

Do you remember the true story of Ice & Snowflake that occurred in 1988?

Tribute to Ice & Snowflake

The scene was set for the Powers to meet

Off the Coast of Alaska.

The curtain was raised showed an ice-capped stage

With whales trapped longing for freedom.

Ice-cutting ships of the two Great Powers

Worked with Warriors of Freedom

Paving the way through the ice each day

To give Ice & Snowflake their freedom.

Some might say what a mighty great shame

To spend money freeing these creatures.

A lavish display from the Powers on stage

To perform good Public Relations.

But when all is said, Ice & Snowflake got,

These two nations working together

To pave the way for a mighty great chain

That could link us all forever.

So let it be said that the stage has been set

For us all to join together.

For if we believe we are each a link in the forces of creation

We can turn aside from pure monetary guide

And listen to the Power of Reason

For each of us affects the other half

So lets join forces together.

Cos the scene was set and the Powers did meet

And showed we can work together

"Operation Breakthrough" where the US Dept of State and Soviet Union joined forces to free 3 grey whales trapped in packed ice near Point Barrow in 1988. The youngest whale died but the other 2 whales survived. Cited in this song as "Ice & Snowflake" they were later renamed. The youngest whale (called Bone) died.

It was an amazing and wonderful display of how Man is capable of working in Unity - Harmony - with each other...

c.1988 Liz Mercer

A child in silent anguish?

Right now many children throughout the world, both in war-torn countries and those living in countries "at peace" - are sensing the terrible anxieties around them - and while their physical needs may be being met their emotional needs are not always so easy to heal..... 

Here's a little idea which is highly recognised nowadays and I have personally witnessed its success with children. 

If you have a child who is displaying anxiety in its many forms give them a piece of A4 sized paper and some colouring pencils. 

Then ask them to draw their feelings on that paper. Try where possible to give them "space" while they do this. Don't hover near them - allow them to feel "free" to explore their feelings on that paper quietly and in their own time.     

Sometimes the child will draw an actual "picture" - sometimes they will draw a fury of lines and circles only. The "drawing" is giving them opportunity to externalise their feelings. 

The colours they choose to use are highly appropriate to their feelings as well, for instance "sky blue" frequently denotes a feeling internally of "unable to communicate". 

Once the child has done their drawing encourage them to talk to you about it - ask them what the shape, colours mean to them.....

Come back to this idea as frequently as it feels appropriate.

The Power of Song  

Here's another idea - particularly for children unable to access paper and colouring pencils. I've also witnessed this idea "in action" many times and have seen its success.

Choose a song you know your child will really like. Be selective on the song's words..... there is great power in words......

Aim for the song to be non-political.....

The late songwriter/environmentalist John Denver wrote/sung some amazing songs which would be really good to use. Songs like "The Flower that shattered the Stone" "Sparrows find freedom beholding the Sun, in the infinite beauty we're all joined in one".  Or  "Rhymes & Reasons" chorus : "For the children and the flowers are my sisters and my brothers". Another song is "Higher Ground" - a great song for empowerment. Another song popularised by many musicians is "Let it Be" : "and when the broken hearted people living in the world agree, there will be an answer - let it be"..... (so encouraging people to put their differences aside, give those differences "space"....).

Or you could ask your child to write their own song!

Once you have the song encourage them to use that same song each time they feel anxious, sad etc. Allow the song to be a "support" to them while travelling through the tunnel of anxiety. If they can't sleep - get them to sing the song. 

There are many creative ways to support children while they are hearing and witnessing the savages of anger, despair sweeping throughout our Planet right now. Extend to them a "tool" they can use themselves at the point they are feeling anxious.  Use the same song each time and, in turn, that song will grow very quickly to be a very strong support to them.

Our children know their Planet - their Home - is being threatened in many ways right now. Lets encourage them to feel empowered to bring lasting Peace back to our troubled Planet - and very importantly that they also know us adults are prepared to listen to them - and know their cries for Peace are acted upon.......